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Dr. Abdul Kalam, President of India
"The ideal practice should be to provide only the minimum essential treatment instead of going in for surgical intervention as a routine management of the disease."
 Dr. Sibia:
All surgery should be preserved for patients with crippling disease who do not respond to more conservative treatments and we should think of surgery only when all other safer treatments fail.

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Non-invasive Heart Disease detection

 Early Detection Saves Life

Coronary Artery Disease is the biggest killer.

About 30 percent of people first discover they have heart disease when they die from a heart attack -- not a good way to find out -- talk with your doctor about whether you would benefit from CCG test.

For patients who know they will never opt for Angiography or Bypass
surgery, Angiography is just spending money and time to expose to its dangers.

It is like paying to know the way to Tashkent when there is no intention of going there.  

Angiography should be done to plan Angioplasty or Bypass surgery and not to decide if Angioplasty or Bypass is needed.."

Cardiovascular Cartography

Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG) [older name Realistic Geometric Cartographic Imaging (RGCI)] is a method to measure heart’s blood flow, oxygen supply etc using digitally acquired flow turbulence without putting any wires, catheters etc into the body.


Special high precision data accusation electrodes, sensors and transducers measures the heart’s parameters which are analysed by sophisticated computerize equipment. The procedure takes about 20 minutes.

CCG is for:

• Everyone over 30 years as screening test for early heart disease detection.
• High risk persons - family history of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, smokers, high cholesterol levels, Sedentary and Stressful lifestyle, etc.
• Anyone having chest pain to know if it is due to heart or other disease
• Chest pain and Heart Patients - to determine extent of disease
• Follow up after ECP, ACT, Angioplasty and Bypass to assess progress.
• To assess chance of sudden cardiac death.
• To assess if aspirin is needed, if yoga and meditation will help, etc.
• As part of master health check up
• Mass screening for institutions, corporates, insurance companies etc

Trained doctors at your service

They are trained by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Non-Linear Studies Laboratory, Bangalore by the research team of CCG and have experience since 2000 when Sibia Medical Centre introduced CCG in North India.


The reported accuracy, sensitivity, specificity and predictive value for detection of Coronary Artery Disease is as below: 

 Mean Accuracy                          :    >90%   

 Sensitivity                                  :    >90%      

 Specificity                                  :      90%  

 Positive Predictive Accuracy        :      98.28%   

 Negative Predictive Accuracy       :      82.16%


Cost for the CCG test is Rs.5,000/- only.

Appointment for CCG done

Appointment can be had personally or by phone, fax or email.

On day before the test:
1) Do not smoke or consume tobacco or alcohol.

On the day of test:
1) Come empty stomach or take a cup of milk with two biscuits or a slice of bread three hours before the test. Do not consume tea or coffee before the test.
2) Do not take medicines that affect the heart - like sorbitrate, monosorbitrate, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, vasodilators, anti-hypertensive drugs etc. You may take medicines for diabetes or in emergency situation.
3) Do not undertake

Information provided

Some of the information obtained is:



CCG measures Myocardial Blood flow (not blocks)

The ischaemic regions are Identified



Contractility, Pressure, Volume & Time relationship indicates if changes are physiological, compensatory or pathological


Arrythmogenicity indicates predisposition to Sudden death



Myocardial Demand, Supply and Reserve is the best indicator of Cardiac Ischaemia


P-V loop is the most sensitive indicator of over all cardiac function to identify early changes.



Sympathetic Predominant persons are prone to Cardiac abnormalities including Sudden Death Syndrome


Atherosclerosis occurs as arterial elasticity diminishes with age indicating Endothelial dysfunction (Hyperlipidemia, Diabetics, hypertension, etc)



Sympathetic Predominant persons are prone to Cardiac abnormalities including Sudden Death Syndrome


Systolic Time analysis differentiates White Coat and truly essential hypertension

Comparison with angiography

CCG is different from angiography. Angiography informs about anatomical (structural) blocks in the big blood vessels whereas CCG informs about the physiological (functional) blood flow. Sometimes the big blood vessels may be completely blocked and yet there may be no decrease in blood flow in the region or there may be no blockage in big blood vessels and yet decreased regional blood flow. Hence CCG report may be completely different from angiography report.

Advantage CCG

-           Early detection  for preventive action

-           Maximum Information at Minimum cost

-           No Risk - Safe without physical or mental strain

-           Possible even in critically ill patients
-           Noninvasive - No pain, No Anaesthesia

-           No Injection - No catheterization

-           No Bleeding – no infection

-           No radiation –Safe to repeat

-           Twenty minutes procedure - No hospital stay

Some questions:




Why do many suffer from Heart Attack especially when they never had any complaint and their ECG, Echocardiogram and TMT were normal?

You may have 50% block, in which case ECG, Echo and TMT are normal and due to rupture of plaque heart attack can occur.

By CCG you can know of blocks as low as 20 % and thus get timely warning of blocks in the blood vessels, take timely action and decrease the chances of sudden death.

If normal you need not worry or take unnecessary medicines.

Why do some people die suddenly due to heart attack?

They may be having predisposition to develop arrythmias (irregular heart beat)


They may have serious block in the most important coronary artery – the Left Main Artery also know as the artery of sudden death.

Why am I taking so many medicines everyday and still not improving - I am not sure if I am a heart patient or not. Is my diagnosis correct?

You may not be having a heart disease – you must confirm your diagnosis and if you do not have any heart problem you do not need the medicines.

How do I know I am not having any heart problem? I have no complaints but my parents had heart problem.

If your CG is normal you are a healthy person – do not worry but keep it up with healthy habits.


CCG answers these questions:

-         non-invasively without pain or discomfort
-         without radiation – safely and can be repeated
-         no hospital stay
-         can detects blocks in blood vessels even as low as 20% i.e. years before causing heart attack.


Angiography and Cardiac Surgeries

Angiography is normally used as the diagnostic tests before undertaking angioplasty or bypass surgeries. It has to be understood that angioplasty or bypass are done to improve blood flow to heart and angiography is a diagnostic tests to measure the degree of blockages. Thus it's a fallacy that a test to measure the blockages is used by most of the cardiologists, not to treat the blockages but to do cardiac surgeries to improve blood flow without the relevant blood flow study like stress thallium, 3 D Cartography, Pet scan. Especially after heart attack is set in and certain part of the heart has got damaged, then without myocardial blood flow studies, cardiac surgeries are not at all recommended. This is because the cardiac surgeries, cannot improve the blood supply to the damaged part of the heart.

Scientific presentations

Yes. At the 8th European congress of intensive care medicine, Athens, Greece, 1995, 12th International congress " The new Frontiers of Arrhythmias", Italy, 1996. 3rd International conference on Impedance Cardiography, Domdovar, Hungary, 1997. The 4th Asia pacific symposium on electrophysiology, New Delhi, India, 1997. The 50th scientific session of the cardiological society of India, Mumbai, India, 1998. IEEE conference on Computers in Medicine, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA in July 2001.

Available in many countries

The technique is being studied in many parts of Europe and in India there are many Installations that provide CCG service. The system available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South American countries.

Articles / Media On CCG

F.A.Q's On CCG

Cardiavascular Cartography :

A Methodical Synthesis

Centre For Artificial Intelligence And Non-Linear Studies Certificate

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