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Dr. Abdul Kalam, President of India
"The ideal practice should be to provide only the minimum essential treatment instead of going in for surgical intervention as a routine management of the disease."
 Dr. Sibia:
All surgery should be preserved for patients with crippling disease who do not respond to more conservative treatments and we should think of surgery only when all other safer treatments fail.

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CCG is approved by FDA (USA), CE (Europe), MDA (UK) etc and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 13485:2003

Cost effective and risk free solution to detect heart disease and decreased blood flow years before or causes a heart attack.

Dr. Sibia:

Decreased blood flow to the heart muscle and not blockages cause angina chest pain. Blockages are responsible only in 70 to 80 % patients for the reduced blood flow; hence all patients having reduced blood flow or chest pain do not necessarily have blockages in arteries and do not benefit by angioplasty or bypass surgery. Many patients with severe blockages never have chest pain or heart attack as they develop collateral circulation to compensate for the decreased blood flow; hence all blockages seen in angiography do not require treatment as is commonly presumed. Angiography measures the quantity of blockages in the blood vessels and not blood flow hence when treatment is decided only on angiography report many patients with compensated circulation will be subjected to bypass surgery or angioplasty (stent) even when not required. We beleive that before deciding the treatment one must assess the blood flow to the muscle with Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG) or Stress Thallium. At Sibia Medical Centre we do non-invasive CCG to assess the blood flow to heart muscle and then treat with Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT) and External Counter Pulsation (ECP) to avoid angioplasty and bypass surgery.


What is Cardiovascular Cartography?

Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG) is an advanced non-invasive coronary artery imaging system that gives complete haemogynamic picture of the heart to map myocardial blood flow and informs of coronary artery disease, oxy6gen status,etc.


How is the procedure done?

Patient lise on the CCG bed and specila electrodes, sensors,transducers and continuous non-invasive Blood pressures instrument are used to acquire data and analyze it in 20 minutes. Who should have CCG done? * Screening after 30 years age
* High risk patients:Family history of Heart disease, Diabetes, High blood pressures, overweight,increased cholesterol or homocystein, Smokers, Alcholics, Sedentary and Stressful lifestyle
* Chest pain:know if it is heart or other disease
* To determine the extent of heart disease
* Assess ACT, ECP, Angioplasty, Bypass effectiveness
* Early detection of Coronary Artery Disease
* Early detection of left heart failure
* Assess Sympathetic/Parasympatghetic predominance.
* Assess if aspirin, yoga, meditation etc can help
* As part of master health check up
* Mass screening for institutions, insurance companies, Corporate, etc.


What is the preparation for CCG?

* No tea, Coffee, alcohol, smoking or tobacco use for 12 hours before the test.
* No heart medicines like Sorbitrate, anti- hypertensive drugs etc.(May take medicines for diabetes or in case of emergency).
* Come empty stomach or take a cup of milk with two biscuits or a slice of bread three hours before the test
* No long walk, excerise or excertion on the day of test.


How Accurate is the CCG?

  Primary Presence of CAD Anterioseptal Region (LAD) Inferioseptal Region (RCA) Lateral Region (LCX)
Sensitivity 91% 83% 80% 72%
Specificity 92% 76% 74% 80%
Mean Accuracy 91% 81% 78% 75%
Source : IEEE CBMS-2001, 26 -27 July 2001, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

What is the cost of CCG?

The basic CCG test costs Rs. 5000/- only (USD 125).


Information Provided by CCG:-

Cardiovascular CartoGram

Relationship between the Pressure, Volume, Time, Contractility and flow giving an idea of the changes that may be physiological, compensatory or pathological.


Realistic Geometric Cartographic Image

Myocardial Blood flow reduction


Total Arterial Compliance (elastic property)

Total Arterial Compliance Total Arterial Compliance
Normal Compliance Impaired

Impaired with Endothelial Dysfunction that decreases with age and in Diabetes, Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia, etc.


Ventricular Compliance

Normal Impaired

Impaired in Hypertrophy, Heart Failure or uncontrolled Diabetes.


Myocardial Demand Supply and Reserve

Normal Decompensated Infraction

Intercycle Physiology

Arrhythmogenic status informs risk of sudden cardiac death and drug induced arrhythmias.


Predominance of Autonomic Nervous System

Sympathetic overdrive patients are prone to Sudden Cardiac Death and have poor prognosis.


Total Myocardial Burden

Normal BurdenHigh Burden

Sympathetic overdrive patients are prone to Sudden Cardiac Death and have poor prognosis.


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