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Dr. Abdul Kalam, President of India
"The ideal practice should be to provide only the minimum essential treatment instead of going in for surgical intervention as a routine management of the disease."
 Dr. Sibia:
All surgery should be preserved for patients with crippling disease who do not respond to more conservative treatments and we should think of surgery only when all other safer treatments fail.

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External Counter Pulsation
Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

New therapy for anginal pain chest creating bypass naturally

Approved worldwide by FDA (USA), NHS (England), CE (Europe), Australia, China, etc.

If you suffer from chronic angina pectors, i.e. pain in chest due to less blood supply to heart (Coronary Artery Disease) External Counter-pulsation (ECP) for you.

What is External counter Pulsation?

ECP is a non-surgical, mechanical procedure to reduce the symtoms of angina pectoris by increasing blood flow to the heart. The beneficial effects of ECP presist even after completion of the therapy.


Who will benefit by ECP?

Heart patients of Angina (Chest pain) and Myocardial Infraction (Heart Attack):

     * With failed angioplasty or bypass
     * Who are not fit for angioplasty or bypass
     * Who do not benefit by medicines
     * Who do not want angioplasty or bypass

ECP is also helpful in patients of:

     * Pain legs due to Peripheral Artery Disease
     * Renal Hypertension
     * Cerebral eschaemia affecting memory and mental ability
     * Chronic Fatigue (Tiredness) Syndrome


How does the patient know that he is better?

Patients feel better and they test better. Patients require less medication, have less frequency and intensity of chest pain and discomfort, breath better and can walk longer distance and faster. Improvement can be confirmed with CCG / and Stress Thallium tests. They have better exercise tolerance, improvement in quality of life and can lead a more active life.


Will Angiography, Cardiovascular Cartography and Stress Thallium show the improvement?

Improvement with ECP can be assessed with Cardiovascular Cartography (CCO) or Stress Thallium as they document the blood flow. Please note that blood flow is not proportionate to the degree of stenosisin blood vessels as is usually presumed. Angiography assesses the patency and stenosis in three big blood vessels and their major branches but is not suitable for visualizing the millions of smaller blood vessels and capillaries. Angiography also does not assess the blood flow to the heart muscle.



Pre ACT and ECP CCG Post ACT and ECP CCG


Less blood flow before ECP More blood flow after ECP

What are the advantages of ECP?

ECP is non-invasiev, simple, safe and effective treatment without anesthesia, surgery, wires or stents.


Is ECP possible after angioplasty & bypass surgery?

Yes, ECP can be done after angioplasty or bypass surgery where they have failed, recurrence or for additional benefit for a better and more active life style.


How soon does patient feel improvement with ECP?

Most patients improve between 10 to 20 treatments sessions however results may vary from patient to patient and some may require more treatment sessions depending on the severity of the disease.


What does ECP do?

ECP causes immediate and sustained increase in heart's blood supply by:
     * Dilating coronary blood vessels
     * Opening dormant collaterals
     * Creating new blood vessels (angiogenesis)


How is ECP done?

For ECPpatient wears a series of pressure cuffs (like large blood pressure cuffs) around the legs and lies on a bed. The cuffs inflate and deflate electronically synchronized with the heart beat (ECG) and move the the blood trom the legs toward the heart at the right time of mid diastolic period when heart muscle takes it's blood supply from Aorta through coronary arteries. The increased blood flow is delivered to the heart's blood vessels at the precise moment when it is relaxing i.e. during diastole when blood flow through the coronary vessels is at its peak with each heart beat for one hour daily. When done repeatedly this increases collateral circulation thus creating bypass naturally without surgery.


How can the benefits of ECP be enhanced ?

ECP benefits can be enhanced with Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT) that can be taken before, with or after ECP and with goodlife style and proper medication.


How long does the treatment take?

Each ECP session is of one hour and one or two treatment sessions can be done in one day. Treatment can be done 5to 7 days a week and usually 35 one hour sessions are required. Treatment can be completed minimum in 3 weeks time. Some patients may need more treatment sessions.


There is a competition between cardiologists and surgeons in treating heart cases. The ideal practice should be to provide only the minimum essential treatment instead of going in for surgical intervention as a routine management of the disease.

EXTERNAL COUNTER PULSATION (ECP) is a truly non-operative, non-pharmaceutical, safe and effective treatment which has made big news in the west. ECP is FDA (USA) approved and finds reference in medical and cardiology textbooks. Many favorable articles have been published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Reviews Reports, Cardiology, Mayo Clinical Proc., Clinical Cardiology, Journal of Critical Illness, Journal of External Counter Pulsation, etc. The success of ECP can be judged from the fact that in USA the insurance sector reported that the reimbursement for ECP has gone up by 6 % whereas that of other procedure like angioplasty, bypass surgery, etc. has come down by 7%.

It is well known that following bypass surgery only 75% patients are symptom free for 5 years or more and only 50% after 10 years or more. The number of patients having recurrence after bypass, ballooning and stenting is increasing and for them ECP is the only FDA approved treatment available which is documented to increases blood supply to the heart by 20-42%, to the brain by 22-26% and to the kidneys by 19%. ECP also increases heart's output. Now the treatment is available in most of the leading hospitals of the world. In India, ECP is available at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana besides Escort Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi.

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