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Dr. Abdul Kalam, President of India
"The ideal practice should be to provide only the minimum essential treatment instead of going in for surgical intervention as a routine management of the disease."
 Dr. Sibia:
All surgery should be preserved for patients with crippling disease who do not respond to more conservative treatments and we should think of surgery only when all other safer treatments fail.

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Walk Again With Comfort

Cure Without Surgery
Reversing & Preventing Osteoarthritis
New hitech revolutionary RFQMR technology using Cytotron

Technical knowhow and training from the inventor of Cytotron Centre for Advanced Research & Development.

Cytotron brings hope to millions of Arthritis patients faced with surgery or life of a cripple.

What is Cytotron (RFQMR) therapy?

Cytotron developed after years of research, produces Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR). It is a new advanced, scientifically proven, non-invasive and effective option to treat osteoarthritis. The RFQMR beams are focused on the joint to enhance regeneration of the degenerated cartilage to help patients eliminate chronic pain and improve mobility of the joints without surgery.


What is the treatment procedure?

Patient lies on the Cytotron bed that moves into the focus area and the treating rays are focused onto the affected joint with the aid of laser guides. The computer calculates the dose based on the MRI, cartilage thickness, etc. The treatment is given for one hour daily for 21 days.

Is Cytotron comfortable and safe?

Patient feels no pain or discomfort during treatment. Cytotron is certified by DRDO, Government of India as safe, non-ionizing and non-thermal complying with the International Commission of non-ionizing Radiation standards.


What joints can be treated with Cytotron?

Cytotron can treat knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, cervical and lumbar spine joints.


What tests are required before Cytotron treatment?

X-ray and MRI of the joint, blood, urine and other routine tests are required before Cytotron treatment.


Is Cytotron possible in old age and heavy patients?

Yes, Cytotron Therapy is possible in elderly and overweight patients. Eldest patient treated by us so far is 94 years and heaviest 132 Kg weight. However we do advise to reduce weight for good health. Which patients cannot be treated with Cytotron?


Which patients cannot be treated with Cytotron?

Patients with any MRI incompatible implant or having pregnancy cannot be treated with Cytotron.


Is Cytotron possible in patients with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, etc?

Yes, Cytotron is possible in arthritis patients having these and most other diseases.


How does the patient know that he is better?

Patient feels better, has less pain, needs less or no pain killer medicines, can walk longer distance more comfortably and some can even climb stairs and sit on the floor. Pre and post Cytotron X-rays and MRI can document improvement. There is increase in capacity, range of motion and joint stability.

X-ray knee showing increased cartilage thickness
Cartilage Thikness 0.18cm Cartilage Thikness 0.20cm
MRI knee showing increased cartilage thickness

What are the advantages of Cytotron therapy?

Procedure: Purely external with beam of rays.
Anesthesia, cut, scar, blood transfusion: Nil.
Pain: Nil due to treatment
Hospital stay: 1 hour daily. Some patients may need hospitalization to observe and manage pain.
Complications/Infection/Dangers: Nil.
Surgery unfit patients: Cytotron is possible.
Procedure deaths: Nil.
Preventive effect: Yes.
Acceptance by patients: Very well accepted.
Acceptance by doctors: Very well by the aware and knowledgeable doctors.
Cost effective: Lesser cost than joint replacement.


Why not replacement of knee or other joint?

All surgeries have risk to life and no treatment is successful in every patient. A failed joint replacement can cripple a patient for life. The life of artificial joint is limited and a second surgery is more difficult, more risky and less successful. Cytotron can not be done after joint replacement so Cytotron should be considered before joint replacement. Surgery should be preserved as the ultimate last option and is the only option available for patients unfit or high risk for surgery due to advanced asthama lung disease or diabetics or heart problem.


What is the success rate and duration of effectiveness of Cytotron therapy?

Published clinical trials have shown that most patients benefit from Cytotron therapy but like every treatment the result and the duration of effectiveness varies from patient to patient depending on the disease process. We guess that the benefit should last 5 to 10 years.


What if Cytotron fails or there is a recurrence?

In patients where Cytotron fails or there is recurrence over time the therapy can be safely repeated. As a last resort Joint replacement can be considered for them.


Is Cytotron possible after arthroscopy or joint replacemnent?

Cytotron therapy is possible after arthroscopy but not after joint replacement.


Dr. Abdul Kalam
President of India
"The ideal practice should be to provide only the minimum essential treatment instead of going in for surgical intervention as a routine management of the disease."


Albert Einstein Chelation is far safer the most influential physicist of the 20th century won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his explanation. He wrote:

Quantum of electromagnetic energy

Scientists also discovered that this DNA map or formula is a function of the bio-energetic field that exists in parallel with the physical body. This bio-field is a map of energy structure that contains the architecture and conditions to construct a physical entity in space and also it is a formula to repair the structures that are damaged or destroyed.


Cytotron has made possible what Einstein proposed

Thanks to Dr. R. V. Kumar

We are thankful to Dr. R.V. Kumar for providing us the opportunity to serve mankind. He is the inventor of Cytotron and in our view a deserving Nobel Price winner. His invention has changed the way we treat.


With invention of Cytotron, joint replacement surgery should be considered only when the safe and non traumatic treatment with RFQMR is not possible.

- Dr. Sibia


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